Capacity | Calcul de capacite



This page gives a brief introduction to the different tools of the “capacity” viewer. In order to use this tool, we advise you to watch the following videos on youtube.

Capacity Viewer

After sending your file for calculation, the result is displayed in the “capacity” viewer which allows you to obtain the volume and see the axis and profile extraction but also to correct some errors (“dpi” value , profile and/or incorrect extracted axis, …). Below we show a screenshot of the viewer after calculating a volume and the two main parts of it: the drawing area where the result is displayed and the toolbar which contains all buttons allowing you to perform an action on the drawing area.

Toolbar description

Buttons allowing file management
New capacity calculation
Save all the modifications to the server (Shortcut : b)
Remove the file definitively
Reset to the last backup
Take a screenshot
Buttons allowing side change
Activate the left profile
Activate the right profile
Enabled if the profile and/or axis has been manualy corrected
Buttons allowing show/hide parts on the drawing area
Show/hide the grid (Shortcut : g)
Show/hide the profile (Shortcut : p)
Show/hide the axis (Shotcut : a)
Show/hide the water (Shortcut : w)
Show/hide the water levels (Shortcut : l)
Buttons allowing drawing size change
Lock/unlock mouse wheel for zoom and image horizonal displacement
Increase image size (Zoom in - Shortcut : +)
Decrease image size (Zoom out - Shortcut : -)
Adapt image size to the wide available view (Shortcut : 0)
Set the image size to the original one (100%)
Enter the image size in purcentage of the original one
Buttons allowing drawing horizontal move
Move image on the left (Shortcut : ←)
Resert image to 0 (Shortcut : Home)
Set the image offset in pixels when the drawing is outside the visible area (negative value for offset on the left and positive on the right)
Move image on the right (Shortcut : →)
Buttons allowing scale and resolution modifications
Reset the resolution (dpi) to the last saved one
Insert the real image resolution in dpi. You can/have to check it with a drawing application like Photoshop or gimp
Reset the scale to the last saved value
Insert the scale, 1cm on the drawing is equal to the real insert value in cm
Reset the water levels to the limits of the currrent profile
Insert the real (water) height between the two blue levels in order to adjust the scale
Buttons allowing actions modifications on the drawing area (mode change)
Move the height levels in order to adjust the volume (Shortcut : m)
Add points to the profile in order to correct or draw it (Shortcut : i)
Move profile points in order to correct it (Shortcut : s)
Delete profile points in order to correct it (Shortcut : d)
Delete selected profile points in order to adjust it (using a rectangle - Shortcut : Delete)
Correct the position of revolution axis (Shortcut : c)
Measure a distance in cm between two points in the drawing (Shortcut : r)
Insert the real value of the measure in cm in order to adjust the scale
Remark : the keyboard shortcuts are only available when you clicked on the drawing !