Capacity | Calcul de capacite
Choose the drawing to use


After clicking on the “Choose” button, upload the desired image file.
You can draw this file on your hard drive, cd-rom, memory card etc.
The drawing has to be inked and ideally display a plain contour. If there is a filling, this should be carefully executed and solid. Fuzzy drawings, for instance, or drawings on graph paper could distort the result.

Supported file formats
Use image files in .jpeg format of the highest possible quality (with law compression rate). For better results, use images with a resolution of at least 150 dpi.
Other image formats (e.g. .png) are also supported, but we highly recommend the .jpeg format.

Maximal size
The maximal authorized file size is 1 Mb.

For an optimal result, it is preferable that the interior lines, if any, are not joined with the profile contour(see examples below).It is best to eliminate from the drawing any secondary elements (e.g. scale) that could compromise the function of the applet. In addition, the presence of handles may, in some cases, affect the capacity calculation. If the space between the handle and the vase is marked in blue, you need to remove the handle (particularly its upper part) from the drawing before you proceed to the calculation.