Capacity | Calcul de capacite


Calculating vessel capacities: a web-based solution

This tool was developed by a team of archaeologists (CReA-Patrimoine – Laurent Bavay, Athena Tsingarida) and civil engineers (Laboratory of Image Synthesis and Analysis, LISA – Laurent Engels, Nadine Warzée) at ULB, in the frame of an ARC research project (Action de recherche concertée) under the title “Pottery in Ancient Societies: Production, Distribution and Uses”. This project was carried out in the period 2004-2009 by the CReA-Patrimoine and was funded by the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB).

Ever since, the functionality of the tool has been maintained thanks to the involvement in the project of several people:
– Since 2012, Rudy Ercek (IT and Research engineer at LISA) has been in charge of the maintenance of and technical support to the project. In 2013 he further developed a new display interface in JavaScript.
– In 2019, the company NextWave sprl (Xavier Baele and Valeria Hero) created a new version of the project’s website on WordPress.

We would also like to thank the following people for their contribution:
– Henry-Louis Guillaume of the platform PANORAMA at ULB for his advice on the creation of the WordPress site.
– Richard Bidgood (Franklin & Marshall College) for his contribution to the testing of the applet and his technical assistance.
– Vasiliki Saripanidi of the CReA-Patrimoine for her assistance in the translation of the website texts into English, as well as in the testing of the applet.

For more information on the conception and function of the applet, cf. L. Engels, L. Bavay, A. Tsingarida, “Calculating vessel capacities: A new web-based solution”, in A. Tsingarida (ed.), Shapes and Uses of Greek Vases (7th – 4th centuries B.C.), Brussels, 2009, 129 – 134