Capacity | Calcul de capacite

Welcome to the new capacity calculation website.

In the frame of a research project entitled “Pottery in Ancient Societies: Production, Distribution and Uses” that was carried out at the Université libre de Bruxelles, the archaeologists of the CReA-Patrimoine joined their forces with the civil engineers of the Laboratory of Image Synthesis and Analysis (LISA) in order to create an online tool that would enable the calculation of the capacity of vases on the basis of scaled drawings.

Conceived as a simple and user-friendly tool, on which pottery specialists could readily upload their own drawings, the applet was made freely accessible to the public in 2005 and ever since it has been broadly used by the scientific community (for a selected bibliography, cf. the Information tab).

With the aim of simplifying and, at the same time, of enhancing the function of the applet, we have updated the website with a brand new design, as well as with several new features, such as the automatic detection of the profile side.

Please, note that your previous login credentials will no longer be valid and that you will need to register again . As the new website is currently in a test phase, during which technical problems may occur, at the end of this phase you may be required to repeat the registration process.

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